Trying to get "Justified Photo Grid Gallery" to work


Okay, I am using the “masonry:photo-gallery tag” on this page

So I tried using the " Justified Photo Grid Gallery" from the Pulse Addons but it doesn’t work with Pulse 5…

  • The thumbnails look great, BUT when you click on any images, you can’t navigate, or click out of them…

Ended up using “zoomwall” from Pulse Addons, which does work with Pulse 5.

For this one - will look at why gaps are being added there - thanks

This is the gallery for Pulse 4.
Add to folder, inc / tags / plugins /
The components of the pulse 4, inc / tags / plugins / lightbox

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Ahhh, “Justified Photo Gallery” won’t work with Pulse 5… shame, good looking gallery.

@pulsecms There is a bunch of stuff in the “Pulse Addons” that won’t work in Pulse 5 (the $24.99 “Origin Theme” comes to mind… Kuler Solutions, the theme developer doesn’t even exist anymore)

  • maybe there should be something in the description so people don’t buy/use things that won’t work with Pulse 5?
  • “Justified Photo Gallery” shows up as a “Featured addon” when I login to the addons…
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I agree. The Addon section needs a complete revamp. Nothing is applicable to Pulse 5. There are no templates available at all. I have converted a couple of old Pulse 4 ones but it seems that nobody is developing for Pulse anymore. I wonder where they all went? I would hate to think of people abandoning the platform as it has so much promise.

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I updated the Justified Gallery for Pulse5.
Please let me know how it works.
On my localhost it works correctly.

Link to github


Cool! Will give it a go tomorow, thanks :slight_smile:

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@IvaRo That is awesome! I put it to use here -

  • Had to download the version from Github. The one on Pulse Addons was still the old one…
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Yeah shame what happened to Kuler Solutions…

Yes - developers need to update their themes/plugins to Pulse 5 compatibility so a description would be a good idea.

And an update to the addons page would be good. Maybe switch to just developers pages links and they maintain their own code links like @IvaRo has done? That would be easier to manage.

We are working on some new templates @jdloudon :wink:

I guess that’s the same module as in Gallery Stack 3?

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@instacks probably, this is a Blocs site though. I use your Gallery 3 stack a lot in Rapidweaver, and I saw you teasing something like it for Blocs as well…

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Yes. That’s will take some time, though.

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now it is also for the 5x version you can download