Two ways to translate "manual.pdf" into your language

Here are the steps to translate a large PDF file into your language.

▼ Use Google Drive

(1) Upload the file you want to translate to Google Drive.
(2) Open the uploaded file with Google Docs.
(3) Open Google Docs and click Tools> Translate Documents.
(4) Specify the language you want to translate and click "Translate"
(5) translated into your language.
(6) After translation, specify File> Format and finish downloading.

▼ Use Online Service "DocTranslator"
URL ttps: // (available free of charge)

(1) The file upload screen is displayed, so upload the PDF file you want to translate.

(2) The language of the uploaded file can be read automatically, and the language after translation can be optionally specified
(3) When finished, download the translated document.


Thanks @masaki and a great idea :star_struck:

We have often thought about how to do this better and with @IvaRo we have talked about having a GitHub repo

The problem is always maintenance and keeping it up to date but if members of the community do translate the manual for their clients and want to share it we can have a central location to download these, no problems and a good idea.

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