Unable to activate new template

I have made a new theme, uploaded it to server and am trying to deploy it on a test page.
Its basically a copy of the default theme with a few changes. However if I select this theme from the page meta drawer it does not activate it for the page.
But if I select default-2 for example, it does.
Cannot see what the problem might be.

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So just to confirm this issue @jdloudon - selecting from META drawer doesn’t work but selecting from Admin settings works?

No. neither method works. At least not with that template. I can select default-2 for example, but not the one I just made.

Solved: it was a filepath problem in the template layout file - I had not referenced the template folder name there in the head of the file:
link rel=“stylesheet” href="<?php echo $path; ?>/template/zorg/css/style.css"


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Great thanks for confirming @jdloudon :slight_smile:

I also saw changing worked:

Glad you sorted it