Undefined variable: sender_email

Hi together

In the lastes Pulse Version 5.3.10 and PHP Version 7.3 the Form views to Notice: Undefined variable: sender_email in /var/www/webxxx/html/inc/tags/form.php on line 129. I am using the classic Pulse form {{form}}

Mails arrive, but without the sender email address in the mail overview.
May be it is an hoster problem (alfahosting / gemany), but first i will check if its a pulse bug.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Mail does not arrive with PHP version 7.3. Only until PHP 7.0 the mails send out (but without sender email address in the mail overview). I only changed the lable fields in the settings the other fields are still original.

Hi @Bernd thank you for sharing the issue you've encountered. Can you send me the error logs from your Admin dashboard to check if there's something that may be causing this issue?

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Are you still having this issue? Did you add your email address to the Admin settings? That email is what will be used to send the emails. If it is still not working, we recommend using the SMTP email settings in the Admin rather than the server email. Please try that and let us know.