Unishop - embedding single items on page

Unless I'm missing it, there doesn't seem to be a way to embed a single product on a page, just the entire Unishop "product browser".

So feature request:

  • a unishop tag to embed just one product at a time
  • follow up request, a way to maybe embed just one "category" of products as well,

This way you can "feature" select products on a page, (like the Home page) and create pages that already have a specific category as well (example a page for just "mens sunglasses" another page for just "womens sunglasses", etc.)


Thanks @Raimo - yes it's a full store currently (the idea was to build a store quickly)

But there would be cases when single items would be a good idea! (and category embeds also).

Thanks for the request

Be also interesting for users to share any public stores they have made :slight_smile:

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