Unwanted blog code loading on sub page

Hi Pulse Team
I have the same issue as in this topic: Blog code loading on sub page
But it wasn’t resolved there. How did you fix this?

So for short: there is code loading on every post inside my blog. It just appeared recently, but I don’t what I did to make it appear that way. It wasn’t a problem this morning when I was working on the site, but now it is, and it is everywhere (I also have sub blogs).

See: energy-therapy.be/nl/overzicht - this is a test site though.

This is not something I could resolve and as project needed to be launched I installed the previous version to 5.1 which resolved the issue. Will try 5.1 on a new project soon and see how I get on.

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Thanks @mar - are you running under 5.1?

Can you send in logs like we listed here?:

What’s your blog test page? I get a 404:

So hi Pulse

I think it was just fixed. Or it was something temporary, but I think its because I changed/uncommented a line in the .htaccess : RewriteBase /nl
I did try that before, tried a lot of things. But now it seems to stick :slight_smile: I hope
Could it be a htaccess problem? And that cache maybe wasn’t wiped - enough (I use private mode, so this doesn’t normally happen)

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Ok. Problem wasn’t solved, not sure then why it occurs then. It is only in subblogs.
Example over here: http://energy-therapy.be/nl/blog-agenda/sounds-sound
I send the log through in earlier post, which you can probably still see.

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I think the problem might be that moving the blog from the blog page to blog-agenda needs the url prefix setting to be changed to blog-agenda?

I couldn’t get your logs. If that Settings amend doesn’t work can you message the logs to me via my forum profile?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Pulse

No more logs, this was a fast moving project and not able to fix it. I moved the site to clients server.
A shame really that this subblog (and all other bugs I came accross) are so robust… My second project I did with Pulse and the CMS let me down. I was really thinking of using it for all future sites. But the multi-language add-on is not available anymore and to do it manually in the code was to much work (big site). This is so important to be able to do. And if subblog are not possible… I fixed the blog and multi-language thing by just having 2x pulse CMS running, one for dutch and one for english.
Kind of shame for my client, that her blogging, is kind of wacky and it sucks to do everything double.
When I make sites, they have to be done within two weeks, thats my service. I thought Pulse would be better for that then Wordpress… Maybe I sometime in the future (when a lot of bugs are fixed, and there is an upgrade) I will start a third project with Pulse CMS and test it for one last time. At this moment, I’m just disappointed and sticking with Wordpress.

What do you mean with that? Which multi language add on?

What version are you using @mar?

Pulse5 and upwards comes with multi-lingual built-in so there’s no plugin needed and you won’t need to create two sites for your client. Sub-blogs also.

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