[UPDATED] Improvements and fixes so far on the upcoming v5.3.11


FIXES so far:

  • Fix to syntax error in the Forms if a form field not filled in correctly
  • Fix for the Manage User Group setting sometimes showing a "Undefined" error https://github.com/yuzoolcode/pulsecms-tracking/issues/143
  • Fix for image links in OGP images adding Base URL twice
  • The Gal, Masonry, Slider and Thumb tags now take the same arguments
  • Lightbox fixes for Masonry, Thumb and Slider tags (Thanks John Robertson for reporting these!)

Development is still ongoing so there should be more fixes/improvements on the actual roll-out!

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Good to know its being worked on thanks. One thing that really needs fixing is the behaviour of editors. This has been mentioned before. If I add a user as editor then she cannot add photos or new blog items. Therefore the last few site I have had to give full admin rights to users. So the editor role is virtually useless. I think this started happening on 5.3.9

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Thanks for letting us know that you have resolved the Manage User Group functions.

Can I please again request that you create a video or at least create a specific help file to explain the correct workflow of all various feature options of EDITOR and USER Permission's.

The Manual speaks of Pulses features but implementing the Admin Section for a multitude of editors is unclear. The manual says "You’ll be able to add more contributors to big sites like schools and universities or for membership sites for private communities. "

How does this work for editing pages, blocks and media? or are there limitations?
Thanks in anticipation.
Ace Tutor

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I'll see what I can do about the help file, but rest assured that this is duly noted for our future videos @AceTutor. Thank you!

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