Updates to the home.txt page are not shown in the frontent

First of all:
I am using PULSE version 5.3.2

My problem:
The updated version of the index page (home.txt / template: onepage creative) only appears in the current version if i am logged in (Pulse backend) and at the same time use the identical browser. Otherwise the old status of the homepage is always shown. Neither clearing the cache nor uploading a manually modified home.txt changes anything.

There are no problems with other sub-pages (standard template). They are all shown in an updated version in the frontent.

Is this a problem with the pulse version 5.3.2 or what could be the reason?

@Bernd as per checking, it seems to be working fine on our end. Can you provide us with a screenshot/video or error logs that we can look into?

If you can, we recommend trying out our latest version and see if there are any changes

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