Updating a very old Pulse site

I have a website which is currently using old Pulse 3.0.6. http://www.sps.uk.com/ just using some blocks so that the client can update areas themselves.
The rest of the site is designed with Blueball Freestacks for Rapidweaver.

  1. If I were to upgrade to the latest Pulse, is it a very tricky process?
    I’m so terrified of messing things up.
  2. Will it mess with the information currently in the back end of their site?

The email help takes about a week to respond so I’m also nervous about updating in case things go wrong it will take some time to get a response, so I’m hoping posting here might be more timely.
Thanks everyone.

Thanks @Gabrielle

  • To update your RapidWeaver to use the latest version of Pulse you’ll also need the latest Stacks by @instacks:
    This is compatible with RapidWeaver 7 or 8 and Stacks plugin 3.5+

  • With this version it is possible to make only some Blocks and / or the Blog editable for clients

  • You can see videos on the setup process with RapidWeaver:

  • You should still be able to use the Blueball Freestacks theme

  • We’d recommend doing a fresh install and rebuilding your RapidWeaver project. It is not a difficult process but would involve a little copy and pasting of content into the RapidWeaver edit mode (assuming you also have an older Pulse Stacks version)

  • The Content of Pulse / Blocks can stay the same and just needs rematching

  • It’s recommended to take a backup first before proceeding

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions!

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THanks @pulsecms, I'll get on this.

  1. Are you saying I need to completely rebuild the entire site in Rapidweaver? Or only rebuild the stacks which are using your pulse information?

  2. So I need the Pulsecmsstack which is £35 and do I also need to purchase Pulse 5 for $297? Or will the Pulsecmsstack be enough?

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Yes - just swap out the content of the older Stacks with the newer Stacks.

So I need the Pulsecmsstack which is £35 and do I also need to purchase Pulse 5 for $297? Or will the Pulsecmsstack be enough?

Yes you'll need the latest PulseCMSStack and also Pulse 5 itself (if not already). Pricing is as follows:
There is now a 1 site plan if this is just for 1 domain

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