Upgrading site from 5.0.# to 5.1.#

What is the preferred method of upgrading a PulseCMS installation? I am not sure which version it is currently setup on for sure but it is at least Pulse 5.0. Are there a group of directories/files to upload onto the server or is there an upgrade path/tool to perform this?
Want to keep my sites on newer releases but don’t want to have to rebuild the site with each version release.

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We need to get an upgrade video going soon…

But… you can see the version from inside Admin Settings

If you’ve made an customisation you’ll need to bear them n mind but you have two options: manual or auto updates.

There’s more info on those in the manual and what files to keep an eye on and here:

Always back up before updating!

As long as you keep the /content and /template and config.json file safe it should be easy and smooth

Please let us know how you go! :blush:

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