Uploaded cms but admin area is bland

Hello, I am new to Pulse. Have uploaded CMS and logged in but have found the admin area very bland, almost like all the formatting is lost

Do you use UNIX/LINUX? Please make sure the permissions on folders are set correctly.

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thanks for reply judhip, I’ll check permissions. Would you recommend which folders to set and which permission rules to apply? It’s a Linux server

On the older Pulse pages in Help, this has been detailed.
Today there is (indirectly) one sentence. Here.

“As a rule, permissions for folders should be set as 755 and files 644.”

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Thanks for helping out Mark here guys

There’s an installation video here:

If you go to yourdomain.com/admin/install.php you’ll see the permissions needed for each folder

Also make sure to have transferred the .htaccess file

Am sure this will be working! Otherwise, DM me your server login and will take a look :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for helping, found a fix.

Uploaded the pulsecms zip using Transmit on Mac. unzipped inside public folder. Added serial, set path to blank, added password for admin login. All works well now.

Time to get into Pulse and Blocsapp! WOOT

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Probably the .htacess was not getting uploaded when you unzipped Pulse on your Mac before uploading as being an invisible file it got ignored when uploading .

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Great to hear this @buzznitro and looking forward to seeing the sites you make :slight_smile:

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