URLs - simple way?

Hi all,

Is there any way of having pulsecms use blog urls like;


instead of


for simplicty and compatibility sake?

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Thanks @bryavuz and great idea

They exist as they are now for SEO reasons - good to have the title in the URL.
That’s not possible yet without changing the core code and how the URLs are made. But you could customise your version to do that.

@TimPlumb or @JRAYCV could help you with customisation?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

It was actually a cosmetic question (simplicity) than a compatibility one (unicode chars).

Thanks for the info for the possibility of customisation by @TimPlumb or @JRAYCV . Will keep in mind.

All the best

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Thanks @bryavuz and keep in touch.

And yes there’ll be a “Pulse Professionals” page going up soon hopefully that will list Pulse developers who can be hired for help :slight_smile:

Good to see you on the new forums!