Use cms for self-programmed html/php websites

I have got a general question about the use of Pulse: I am programming a website myself (html,css,php). When its finished I want to be able to quickly add content like text and images. Is it possible to use Pulse-Cms for an existing html/php-website just in order to add text and/or images? The reason is, once I have finished my website, I don’t want to edit the code, whenever I want to change the content. Would be great, if you could help me!

Take a look at Pulse Classic (version 3). Although not as powerful as Pulse 4 (you can’t create new pages, no plug-in support etc) you can define parts of your site that you can chop out and manage via the CMS. Pulse calls these areas blocks.

Good luck with the site.

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If you are on Mac, you could use RapidWeaver therefore.

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Hello @taxus1,

surely it is possible for HTML/CSS/js existing websites. For the PHP parts, chances are that they can be included in Pulse plug-ins.

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