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Hi everyone... I am new to Pulse CMS. I would like to ask if it is possible to embed Pulse blocks, blog post, blog post list/grid, portfolio gallery and a form on a non-pulse static (html) website? I am looking through the documentation but could not find it. Could you please point me to the article or documentation addressing this? Thank you.

The blog will be a little difficult to get to work like this.

Option 1: turn your static html into a template.
Option 2: embed pulse in the top of your html and use the block tags to modify text where needed with the pulse cms.

Not sure on the documentation but these 2 should be a good start to work and search for all your needed components.

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i use blocsapp with pulse cms, should do exactly want you want

should be some youtube videos to show you how it works


I use WYSIWYG Web Builder. Unfortunately there is no extension or plugin in this application that integrates it with Pulse CMS. I remember back in the old days, Pulse CMS was so easy to integrate to a HTML static site. I use the free version before after it was acquired. Templating was not needed.

The best way to make this work would be to use the blocs tag. Here is some documentation for you to use blocs to make templates:

Also here are some tips when working with blocs:

In your web builder did you try simply using text like {{my_block}}? Assuming you then have the other Pulse requirements (which you can likely do with a custom html component) then this should work. It will take a little adjust to ensure your web page renders as a pulse template but this might achieve what you want.

Yes it can support pulse tags. Can I create/add pulse pages to my existing html static site? How can I call Pulse CMS to render on my html/php pages?

You would take the reverse approach. Turn each of your pages into a Pulse template. Docs:

If you have 5 unique pages, then make each of those a template. You can then reuse them as much as you need. (Just make a new page in Pulse with the template you want.)

You can likely add the Pulse requirements right into your WYSIWYG editor. That makes it easy. Although it depends. What editor are you using?

I am using WYSIWYG Web Builder's editor which is a drag and drop editor

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