User roles & activity log


I purchased a Pulse CMS license, played with it, and so far happy.

However, since I came from WordPress environment, I am missing some important features. One of them is segregation of user roles such as:

  1. Admin (can do everything)
  2. Publisher (can write/edit/publish/unpublish page or blog post but not templates/blocks)
  3. Editor or Contributor (can only write new page/post or edit unpublished page/post).

Another important feature is the logging capability that record every user’s activity such as logging in/out, adding/editing a page or post, deleting, etc. I understood that there’s no database at the backend to conveniently store those info, but we can use store the records in a flat file in the same manner or style of Apache web server logs.

Any thought to make that feature materialize? Would that be available as plugin or something?


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Glad you like it @judhip - great

You’re right though, lots of data can be stored in flat files instead of a database.

The next version of Pulse will have 2 users: Admin and Editor. Editor being the Pulse maker’s client in most cases. And what they can do can be restricted and chosen by the admin.

The logging we didn’t plan on doing but can consider it for a future version.

Thanks and share with us the Pulse site you make :slight_smile:

But in the meantime, the logging could be done in a plugin if anyone wants to take on the challenge :wink:

Thank you for the quick reply.

That’s a good start to have two roles, but in my case we still need 3 roles.
I understood PHP and probably can do some modifications (if allowed), because I am not sure if logging and multi roles can work as a plugin.
I will share the site when it is ready.


I tend to agree that this would be quite involved. I think a basic logging modification could be easily added to Pulse. However I suspect that would lead to requests for things like version control which would require a rethink of how Pulse stores data and attributes.

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For logs, rather than reinventing the wheel, what about following RFC5424 syslog format? :slight_smile:

Yes sure @judhip - you can extend Pulse for your needs for a project - but you can’t share that modification base Pulse code. You can only share plugins/tags you make (such as through these forums or the community addons site).

Hope that helps and let me know what you make!

Thank you @pulsecms , what about making a separate / external Admin module that compatible with Pulse file structure? So it can be developed without modifying Pulse code.

That’s a good idea and go ahead @judhip - let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

Pulse5 has two users: Admin and Editor :slight_smile: