Video asset via blocs not playing

Hello all, first post here. I’ve installed pulse on a spare domain of mine and exported a demo project from blocs. It’s the same site that I’ve had running elsewhere with the addition of a pulse block so I can practice editing. Everything is working except for the video that’s supposed to play in the background of the index page (and which did previously before I installed pulse). I’ve had a look at the code on the site and it’s calling for:

video class=“embed-responsive-item lazyloaded” loop=“loop” playsinline=“true” autoplay=“autoplay” data-src=“vid/Santa%20Snow1.mp4” src=“vid/Santa%20Snow1.mp4”><source src=“img/lazyload-ph.png” data-src="/template/vid/Santa%20Snow1.mp4" type=“video/mp4”

(I’ve deleted the open and close < to show you the code)

the relevant video is in my template/vid folder and if I click on it via my ftp program it plays back correctly. Both content and template folders are located in my public_html folder. Can anyone suggest why it’s not playing? Thanks in advance!

Thanks @sim - sounds like you are pointing it to the right location?


Can you share a link so we can take a look?

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