Website states "fully mobile-ready"?

I suggest you rework the standard template then that comes with Pulse. Despite the HTML5 doctype, it’s still uses things like < div id=“header” > instead of < header > and the navigation is simply not usable for mobiles. It just resizes the desktop version and is not suitable for bigger menus with two/three level navigations.

People who just need a website might not care, but it would be a nice first impression for designers and developers who want to look into Pulse. Perhaps you could make that a contest too, creating a new standard template that is technically fully up to date?

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Well, you can just replace that div for header ans so on. I did it my self.

Great idea! Improving the default template is on the list and would greatly approve Pulse’s first impression. Although you can make anything with it, it won’t do any harm to improve that first demo project.

Will get thinking and let me know if you have anymore suggestions on this (or anyone else!)


I know. That’s what I’m doing right now. I still expect the standard template to be usable and customizable right away though, without adapting it to the year 2016 myself.


Be interesting to see how your customisations go. The standard template will be improved on but it is responsive and “usable / customisable right away”.

That said I’ve been surprised how many people use it in projects. There’s more templates planned so just hang tight and things are getting a lot better :slight_smile:

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