What happened to Pulse?

Seems like ownership disappeared. Does anyone know what's going on?

Looking at the forum, it seems like about 3 months of radio silence.


Hello Mark.
It is probably time to restore glory for Pulse CMS 3, for example the new Pulse 6.

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I agree, it does seem to be very quiet after that brief period of activity when the new owners were posting updates, and now... nothing...

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we wasted our time and money here...

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Good to see you Mark.

Yes sadly Pulse appears to be very quiet at the moment. I had hoped for burst of activity from the new devs.

I don't suppose you are planning on creating a new CMS anytime soon? :joy:

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Hi Tim, hope all is well.

Yeah, sad to see it fade away like this. If the project is dead, it would at least be nice to see the owners make it an open source/community project.

No, there are no plans for a new CMS from me.

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I had high hopes from the new owners. I have been using 5.4 on a couple of new projects and it all seems fine and stable. I really like the system. There is still nothing else as simple and versatile and I want it to continue being developed.
Its weird that Simon just left without a goodbye. Fair enough if he decides its not what he wanted after all, but at least let people know.


Looking at Simon's LinkedIn Profile it appears he left "Levion Partners" (Which bought Pulse) back in April and now works for Amazon full time... It would have been nice if he/Levion would let us know what is going on, but it does appear to be abandonware at this point...


The Rapidweaver Stack fΓΌr PulseCMS from instacks isn't available anymore, too. I guess we have to say farewell to PulseCMS...

It's not gone. Of course I still give support for it.

But as nobody have bought it for maybe 2 years I decided to remove it from the shop.

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Hi Jannis, thanks for the clarification. Good to know that you still provide support for those who still depend on PulseCMS and your stack.

Best, Juergen

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Hi all- There were changes but I expect that the Pulse team's engine will resume in the next 45 days and there should be some progress in that time period. Please stay tuned.


Quick update- please see the latest version release, Pulse 6. We released a free-for-most version called Pulse Core, so anyone can try it. Pulse 6: Early Beta Released, including Pulse Core 🏁