What is the safest practice to update from one beta version to next?

This may have been covered somewhere, but since I joined in the middle of the 51bx cycle, I am confused about replacing existing 51beta install with the latest.

I understand that the most important thing to keep are in /pulse/content. But what about the admin > Settings stuff? For example, I set user passwords and other stuff in the Settings, but obviously they are not stored within the content directory, so when I replace the pulse with new beta, all those data seem wiped out, and I have to log in with “demo” again.

The same applies to any changes I make outside of “content”, which gets rather out of hand once it becomes unclear if modified files outside of “content” can replace the official one or should be carefully merged with custom-made changes.

It would be useful to provide a guideline on this as part of each beta version release.

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Good request! We should look at videos on this topic.

Yes - keep /pulse/content away from the update, and your /template/ files.

To avoid an overwrite here with that be sure not to overwrite your file: pulsecore/storage/config.json

If you avoid these 3 all should go well! :slight_smile:

Alternatively, there is now an updater from within Admin > Settings you could try. This was added a few BETAs ago.

We always recommend taking a backup too prior to updating!

It would also be good to see some advice about upgrading Pulse CMS for those of us who have taken the time to “white label” the interface.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time changing the content/media/branding images, amending the admin/css/admin.css and the pulsecore/asset/css/pulsecore.css files, so that my clients see my visual branding and have the confidence to use Pulse CMS.

I see in the Admin Dashboard > Pulse Settings > Extend Tab there is an option to update with a .zip file. I’d hate to see all my work above wiped out, if I were to open the new Pulsecms51b4.zip file using that feature.

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Of course take a backup (built-in or manual) before upgrading.

For users changing CSS files I would move those and upgrade then move those back into place.

The upgrade process (in the settings and manual steps) won’t touch the branding as those are in media in /content/
But back those up just in case.

But your admin/css/admin.css and pulsecore/asset/css/pulsecore.css files will need to be copied over again :+1:


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