What kind of design/development services do you offer clients?


How do you build sites in Pulse for clients and what kind of services do you offer clients?

We had this question recently:

I'm too used to WordPress where I build a site and then offer monthly maintenance services. But with Pulse, from the little I was able to look into it, people seem to just build a website and thats it. Is there anything else one can offer clients after the site is built?

There are a lot of users who build Pulse sites for their customers. But what kind of packages do you offer?

Maybe designers/developers could offer monthly maintenance packages that include things like:

  • installation
  • hosting
  • version updates
  • email / telephone support (although Pulse is designed to do away with that)
  • onsite training and how to edit a site
  • any edit they need to the template files
  • and so on...

Any other ideas on how freelancers and agencies can charge for Pulse built sites?


I build both WordPress & Pulse Sites, and the main "ongoing services" I offer are "Content Building" and "Social Media Management"

The concept is simple - every business needs to keep adding new/fresh content, but most business owners are too busy to do that...

  • So I blog for them,
  • I post to their social media sites
  • I add new pages of content (testimonials, new services, new photos, etc.)

and I stay on top of "reputation management"


  • keeping an eye on incoming links,
  • see what searches are working to get people to the website,
  • and see what important search terms are not working, which then become the basis for new content on the website, to try and capture those important keyword search terms

Even WordPress sites, when setup properly don't need much "maintenance" or "updating" anymore, and Pulse even less - but every website can use fresh new content on a regular basis!


Good approach @raimo and thinking outside the box here! :slight_smile:

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