Where are we with E-Commerce ? its been promised for awhile now

I’m sure Michael and the Pulse DEVs are beavering away but I’d like to know
when and what E-Commerce is going to look like - will it be a database

  • will transactions work with main payment gateways - Stripe + Paypal
    what does it look like…
    Any news and a realistic timeline would be appreciated
    but stay COOL as you can in Japan :slight_smile:
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Thanks @RoZZaH - yes it’s boiling in Japan :sweat: and super :sunny: at the moment, so have to stay safe.

But we are beavering away and have details on Pulse 5.2 BETA1 out shortly

The first iteration of the Pulse Ecommerce Platform is also nearly ready for BETA testers. It should be simple of Pulse users to create items and just embed in their sites (like Just Forms) and the idea is it will be PayPal + Stripe of course :slight_smile:

We’ll have more details on this shortly and apologies for the delay, always working as much and as fast as humanly possible!

Thanks for checking in with this :blush:

Good, good - I know Japan weather is crazy! just wanted to know what was happening. Lots of interesting things happening with web tech - so checking in. Stay a cool as you can.

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The private BETA to this went out this week :slight_smile:
There’s link on the dashboard for Pulse users

This has been pushed to final release and launched in 5.3 :star_struck: