Where is perm.php gone?


in older versions of pulse until 3.x there was a small script that handled all permissions in pulse very comfortable. I think, the old one will not longer work - or am I wrong? Isn’t there a new one?


Addition: I alway run in problems with permissions. I develop local with MAMP Pro and often have to set perms to 777. Then when going online there is need for corrections which was great to handle with the old perm.php. So I would love to have it agaun.

As a general rule, permissions for folders should be set as 755 and files 644.

If problems persist, check the built-in Pulse Diagnostics Tool by going to yoursite.com/admin/diag.php to see if permissions are set correctly and so on.

Report back how it goes!

Yes, thanks, I know. diag.php is a good help.

In my last case I had to set all content html (blocks and so on) to 770 to work. This is first time though and the old perm.php would not have been helpful.

But in most other cases it was fast and accurate and worked. In Pulse 4.x I have to check every file and set it with my ftp to 755/644 by hand.

Thanks anyway!

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