Where to download upgrade to v.4.7

coudl I get a download of v.4.7. plese^? (i wrote also directly the help request)
without signing up for Club, my id and poasswor for forum are not working

im an early adopter of version 3 (2013)


Thanks Simone - looks like your forum posting is working :slight_smile:

Will remove your email also as this is a public message…

Have replied to your DM :slight_smile:

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thanks for support
i need to double check …
your answer was that for upgrade from a 3 version to 4 version i need to pay 197USD?

are you sure ?
i didnt read yet the “contract” attached when i bouhgt …but sound really strange to me

can you confirm?

My licence was for Pulsepro in 2012, so not version 3 but before 2.5.1

2.5.1 (25usd) to 4.xx (197usd)

what’s new revolutionary function did 4.xx has included ?

Thanks @simog72 but that’s not what I said in the email to you earlier.

Sounds like wires are getting crossed and best for me to forward that email to you again and explain again.

But you can’t upgrade from 2.x > 4.
Pulse 3 licenses could but not v2.

And Pulse 5 needs an upgrade license also.

So in most cases anytime there’s a major 1.x upgrade, you’ll need to buy an upgrade.

But the way we have it now, when you buy you get upgrades for 12 months. Should you wish to continue getting upgrades, you need to re-buy a 12 months extension. But if you choose not to, it’s ok and your Pulse site will continue working.

I’ll forward this to you in an email in case you don’t see it here :slight_smile:

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Could I get a download for version 4.7 please.