Wish for more coherent manuals

I use quite well RapidWeaver with Foundry or other frameworks.
Integrating Pulse5 CMS with Pulse5 stacks shouldn't be a problem at that point.

Honestly, I have started learning the process a few times and stopped in frustration.

I would like to give a few constructive ideas on how to help the next beginner.

  1. RealMac's Pulse CMS Tutorial should be removed from RapidWeaver Community site or uptaded. I bought Pulse5 premium + Realmac Software tutorial on how to use Pulse with RW last year. It caused a lot of wasted time for I thought it to be still relevant for being in a shop.

2)Pulse CMS's pdf is actually two manuals if you count in What's new in Pulse5 section. There's no other way than skip between that section and rest of manual. Pulse CMS YouTube videos I wouldn't count on - it disappeared.

  1. InStacks Software Pulse Stack 5 Tutorial site
    Well made. Only wish to have more videos.

I hope there would be one clear constructive source for making these two workings together. Yet, I understand that I am talking about two different products: Pulse CMS and Pulse Stack 5.

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Great idea. Please contact Ben at RealmacSoftware for this request.

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  • The manual is always being updated and pretty comprehensive.
  • The videos are still there
  • @instacks manual is great for Pulse+RapidWeaver so you should use that one for your projects
  • The RealMac's tutorial was made by Realmac

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