Wrong date on blog item

I have a question about the date displayed just beneath the blog title.
The file name is 20170113.txt and the date inserted in the blog entry meta data is 13-01-2017.
Nevertheless the date on the website trst80.com (scroll down to see the latest entry) is displayed as 1/1/2018.
As I did not update anything, did not change anything, what is this date about? Why is it 2018 and why is it not what I put in the metadata?
Thanks, Igor

PS: Forgot to mention that this site is built with RW and Pulse for RW stacks.

Not related to RW.

Same wrong date in Pulse CMS blog itself: http://hurligurli.net/www.trst80.com/pulseNOV/blog

Yes, got the error. Wrote the date wrong, d/m/y instead of english notation m/d/y.
Sorry, my bad.