Wrong version in download link... 5.0.1 instead of 5.0.3

Okay, it seems that version 5.01 is in the Pulse Dashboard download link instead of 5.03, which would explain all the “regression” issues coming up on GitHub…

Thanks @Raimo - not sure why this happened. Just downloaded from the server now and 5.0.3 is on there.

Check config.php and you should see 5.0.3 and let me know.
If not, logout and login to dashboard again and try the download again…

On Pulse Dashboard, Name a .zip file to download,
named by version.
For example: pulse5.0.4.zip
From hystory: pulse1.8.5, pulse2.5.2, pulse3.1.1.
Since version pulse4.11 is used pulse4, pulse5

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The next version will have the name in the ZIP :slight_smile: