WYSIWYG not appearing when creating new txt file

Im new to Pulse. Ive installed it on XAMPP but although everything seems to be working, including the WYSIWYG on files already installed, if I try to create a blog post, for example, it takes me to the “p=create” address but thr WYSIWYG editor does not appear.

Im sure this is a simple error on my part but any assistance would be wonderful.
Thank you in advance.

Thanks @lbrkr - what do you see instead of the WYSIWYG editor?
Any screens or links?


Thanks for replying it’s much appreciated.
I’m not seeing anything. All I’ve got is the grey background and the header and footer of the admin design.


Did you also transfer your .htaccess file to the server?

Can you send me a DM with the URL and admin access so I can see what is going on?


I did. Its on my Mac using xampp so i cant point you to tbe installation im afraid.
The odd thing is how the editor comes up with rhe pre-installed blog post when go to edit them but doesnt some up when i try to create a new post.

That is strange… :thinking:
Not seen that before…

Make sure you have PHP5.5 (preferably 5.6) running and the htaccess file in place…