Yet more blog problems

Just installed 5.3.1 on a new test domain. I dont want the blog called blog. I want it called news. So I have done this:
Created new page called news and copied code from blog page to it.
Gone to nav settings, activated new news page and deactivated blog.
Now on main nav bar there is news as menu item.
Click and it shows blog posts. Okay, looks good. But…
Click on blog post title it is still using old blog page as layout. I know this because I have deleted the {{social}} tags from the aside bar as I just want them on the post page.
If I delete the blog.txt page with ftp then you click on blog title and get 404.

So, the page has to be blog - it cannot be replaced it seems. Something is hard wired in the code to use blog.txt

Next fail: try to share a blog post, and this just shows the blog root - not the post itself:
And this used to work. Blog is totally broken in this release. All the supposed upgrades have not only failed, they have actually made things worse.
I have three clients who are really upset about their sites not working properly.
I am upset as I have spent hours messing around with this.
I am this close to seeking a new CMS. I have promised clients that things will be fixed and they have not been and its making me look bad as a developer.

Seems, from your description, you did not change the following setting(s):

Yes I changed the settings to News. Now the URL of the post is

but the content is still placed within the blog.txt layout, thats what I am saying. And the share does not work. It works even less than it used to.

Next idea: please try to clean the cache:


(not the index.html inside there)

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No, it still uses initial blog page as template. ie the news page uses one template, and when you clickon an item it uses a different one. The original one. This is one of many path problems. I dont know what to make of this at all.

Then please change all back to blog, Michael will be back in 2 weeks to solve this.

Sorry I cannot help you further.

Well thanks for looking in, appreciated.
I have just imported a bunch of posts from another site, the one with blog pagination problems.
The tags pagination does now appear to work - hurrah.
Bit I cannot update that site because as mentioned in another post - update breaks site.

WRT to sharing posts: its hit and miss.
Works on email and twitter: ie what is shared is post title and URL (but not image - not any image)
Does not work on FB or Linked in ie what is shared is simple blog base page title and no image

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Re this blog and testing:

  • we could create the news page. Copying the blog page content over worked. Could see the blog.
  • to get pagination etc working the blog prefix and the .htaccess should be changed.
  • the sharing bug should be fixed by the recent social exposure tag fixes for 5.3.2
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More details on this for reference:

I just installed and changed my blog page to "news" and changed the blog prefix in settings to "news" then amended the htaccess blog parts to news like this:

RewriteRule ^tagged\/(.*)$ ?p=news&blog_tag_name=$1 [L,QSA]

RewriteRule ^news-page-([^-]*)$ ?page=$1&p=news [L,QSA]
RewriteRule ^news-([^-]*)+? ?d=$1&p=news [L,QSA]

That should work for you :slight_smile: