Your thoughts- Pulse6 supporting PHP8 and not PHP7?

We propose that for Pulse6 and later, we stick with PHP8 and do not add PHP7 support. PHP7 will be supported in the older Pulse5.x series. This will allow Pulse to focus on new features rather than spending time using polyfills and backtesting.

However, if too many people need PHP7, then we will reconsider and make it reverse compatible. Seeking feedback from the community.

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I think that is a good plan. For me, 5.40 is behaving perfectly on my installations and at present the highest I can go on my server is PHP 7.4.3
I have tried 5.4.1 but its acting weird. I need to have admin passsword to run install.php, and when tthat does install it dont have the admin folder CSS load. So Im sticking with 5.4 for now.
I am sure that I'll get a PHP 8 option soon by my server company so look forward to using Pulse 6 on that.
In terms of new features, the one thing I and many clients would love is a spamproof form. I know we can use Google ReCaptcha (but only in V2 format) and that helps a lot. But its quite old technow and I am sure there are better ways to defeat spambots.

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