5.3.4 update thoughts


Thanks for this. I have it installed and running and am just looking through it.
I like the addition of the folders option when uploading image to a post. Thats just what I had in mind, but would like to extend that functionality to the image chooser box in Blog Meta drawer Blog Featured Image box. At the moment that just seems to look in media root folder.
Also I am still having difficulty with the Update system
At present it will still update everything and give a fresh install.
Which is great if thats what one is looking for. But mostly its not, so I still manually upload by FTP.
Could I suggest a dual update possibility? One button for new and one for existing sites. And that one would upload all except template, content and pulsecore/storage
Wouldnt it be an idea to have storage outside of Pulsecore anyway?

Pulse 5.3.6 was released last week

Great idea to bear in mind in the future!


That's exactly what it should be doing!

It makes a backup and updates except the storage and template and content.

But yes we'll review for the next release (most likely 5.3.6) and improve on this where we can :slight_smile:

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Improved in Pulse 5.3.6 was released last week