5.3.6: Blog Featured Image - Wrong URL - Solution


In 5.3.6, when adding a 'featured image' editing the Meta data in a new blog post, the resulting blog post on the live site has an extra /pulse/ in the URL.. so the img src looks like


and results in a broken image icon, instead of the expected image.

The problem appears to be on line 66 of /pulse/pulsecore/logic/featured_image.php:

$result->url = \pulsecore\get_configs()->base_url_prefix . \pulsecore\wedge\config\get_json_configs()->json->path . "/{$blog_item->meta_featured_image}";

I've fixed it, I think, by removing the middle portion, so the code now reads:

$result->url = \pulsecore\get_configs()->base_url_prefix . "/{$blog_item->meta_featured_image}";

Hopefully that doesn't break anything else.. the image selector still works when editing the META tags in blogs anyway...


Thanks for logging this in the bug tracker for testing!