Pulse 5.3.8 is out today! 🤩


This update is mainly a bunch of fixes and improvements in the most case but definitely worth a download and install.

Highlights include:

  • a handy plugin scanner to show you what addons you have installed
  • a plugin cheatsheet (to show you the tags as a reference just like in the manual)
  • Translations to Forms!
  • You can now show or hide the Blog teaser image
  • Improvements to inline editing, duplicating Blocks, user management now covers images..
  • Fixes for Ecommerce and EUROS, PDFs in the uploader, CTRL+S added back to save the Editor changes, RapidWeaver previews and better site navigation for sub sub menus

** You can get it from your Pulse Dashboard account page:

** We have more planned for 5.3.9 so if you have any bugs or snags then please report them on the bug tracker page:

** Or you can mention them to us on chat over on the site

Until next time, happy Pulsing and let us know how it goes!

Read the full list of changes here:

Pulse 5.3.8


  • Added a Plugins & Tags Scanner page to the Account dropdown. This allows users to quickly see what plugins & tags are installed and a quick reference on how to use them. Any uploaded custom Tags will also appear here
    Work started on 5.3.3


  • Added note in .htaccess about for working locally without SSL installed
  • Added Redactor Editor 3.3.2
  • More clear inline editing boxes
  • There are some new translations in the language files for {{form}} tag on multi-lingual sites, including reCAPTCHA. The translations are used for the form labels if the user has not changed them in the admin settings.
    How can i add fields in the form
  • Duplicate Block button now redirects to the Block just created
  • Local Font Awesome now running the latest v5 version and it loads everywhere so can now be easily accessed in Templates using the HTML calls without loading it again
  • Plugged in a settings option for showing/hiding the Blog teaser image
    How to get rid of the blog picture (teaser image)?
    Blog teaser Picture
  • Allow for spaces and dashes in navigation urls and labels
  • Added more possibilities to user group management. Added the picture element so access to images can be controlled via the user groups. This is limited to logged in users only though. The picture element has these attributes: source, alt tag, width and height. The media player now checks the user group access as well. Blog access can be controlled by setting the access rights on the blog page. On things like the admin stats page, that’s limited by the editor users.
    User Groups - More possibilities
  • Inline editing Block in Block save improvement of icons and edit boxes
  • Navigation front-end tag menu can now display nested sub-menus
    Thanks @annett for this request


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