A new type of visual "recent post" tag

At present we can insert {{recentposts}} and it will put a list of posts up, and we can adjust the number of posts but that about it. Its just a hyperlinked list and not very visual
It would be very useful if it was possible to be able to insert the actual latest post along with its associated image into a page section. Clients and visitors love to see the front page of their site looking current and I think this would be a great and possibly simple addition.
Not simple enough that I can code it though :confused:


Thanks and good idea @jdloudon

There’s a pending bug we want to get fixed first for sub-blogs:

But will bear this in mind for a future update down the road. It’s a good idea and most likely be in a version after 5.3 :slight_smile:

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This is ready to be shipped (very soon) in version 5.3.1.

This will be as a new tag:
{{recentposts_visual:"limit":"location":"no_date":"limit text"}}

  • limit is the number of posts to show
  • location is the blog to show eg “blog” or “blog/anotherblog”
  • no_date controls if a date is shown in the output
  • limit text is the number of characters to show after the tags are stripped out

The image used is either the featured image for the blog post, or the blog content is scanned for the first image.

Thanks for the suggestions on this and can’t wait to get this in your hands very soon :slight_smile: