Pulse 5.3.1 is here! 🤩


Pulse 5.3.1 is here! :star_struck:

Following on from the big release of 5.3, 5.3.1 comes with a few touch ups and new features :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your requests and feedback, and we’re really happy to get these in for you.

We’ve already started working on 5.3.2 :dash: and this will have a few new features that have recently been request :wink: Be on the look out for that but it won’t be released until at least mid-April but on the way soon.

Here’s a full run through of all the updates, new features and fixes:

Pulse 5.3.1


  • Language/locale setting for HTML HEAD tag. Allow to vary per page. NB the default is the language setting in the configs. Thanks to @norm from Blocs app for this idea
  • New tag: {{recentposts_visual}} - this adds more control over the {{recentposts}} blog loop including auto image scanning, preview text and more
    A new type of visual "recent post" tag
  • New social_exposure feature replaces the deprecated {{ogp}} tag and pulls in images from a dedicated media folder - with options all in settings for the default and more social media integration
    OGP featured images


  • LinkedIn button added to {{social}} Share tag and replaces the now defunct Google+
  • Backup has been extended to also include tags, plugins and other custom things in the “inc” folder added by users
  • The OGP is now using /media/branding/pulse5_banner.jpg as the default
  • Store / Shop page example added to Pages folder with tag inserted as an example store
  • Added ip-api.com for non-commercial sites as another Geo-IP option
    Please help with GeoIP data for site statistics
  • Tweak to btn css selectors to be more specific so there is less chance of a clash with integrations like custom Themes or Blocs app - thanks to @norm for the suggestion
    Blocsapp und Pulse Button Problem
  • Pulse commerce is now updated and improved:
    • You can select another currency like EUR and all the currency symbols should now work
    • The products editing screen has been improved for editing
    • PayPal checkout page is working
    • You can now add individual shipping amounts per item
      Pulse Ecommerce final release! 🛒
    • The tag has been updated to: {{unishop:"test@this.that":"USD":"$":"US":"0":"/paypal_ok":"/paypal_cancel"}}


To get it, go to your Pulse account dashboard and download it today!

Happy Pulsing and please share the 5.3.1 sites that you make with us on this forum :zap::man_singer:

We’re exhausted so will be taking a break for a while so please bear with us whilst we work anymore feedback into 5.3.2.

Cheers from the whole Pulse Team :heart_eyes:

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Great was looking forward to getting into this. However…have uploaded all new files (except /content /template and pulsecore/storage

and site now does not work. I can log in as admin okay and see that it is running 5.3.1 in settings page.
But cannot see site pages, and get HTTP ERROR 500

Have checked permissions on files and folders and they are all correct. Any ideas here? I do not have a spare domain to do a fresh install, only have one test site to upgrade from 5.3

  • Is this for all pages?

  • I just installed 5.3.1 again now and it worked fine:

  • Can you delete the Shop page and visit the home … the shop example doesn’t include the currency symbol and that will cause a 500 error for that page unless changed

  • Are you visiting the page urls or from the navigation. Re-save the navigation and settings and see if that helps

  • Please see:
    * Language/locale setting for HTML HEAD tag. Allow to vary per page. NB the default is the language setting in the configs. Thanks to @norm from Blocs app for this idea

The templates have been changed slightly, so please check your template:

First line is now:

<html lang="<?php echo \pulsecore\language_to_iso(\pulsecore\get_context()->theme->language->render()); ?>">

And also the Pulsecore CSS now comes before the Style.css



No pages are visible at all. The only thing that works is admin page.
I have changed the template as you suggested. Nothing changed.
As I was not uploading the content folder, there is no shop page to delete.
Trying to visit pages from the URL as there is no navigation to see.

It may work as a fresh install if I nuke and pave, but I have two live sites that need to be converted so I need to know why this test upgrade failed.


An update doesn’t work for me either. A fresh installation works.
Maybe Michael can do something with it, I get the following errors if I copy Pulse 5.3.1 over 5.3

**Fatal error** : Uncaught LogicException: An invariant has failed in D:\webserver\www\pulse53\pulsecore\dbc.php:12 Stack trace: #0 D:\webserver\www\pulse53\pulsecore\store\base.php(79): pulsecore\invariant(false) #1 D:\webserver\www\pulse53\pulsecore\store\gallery\pile.php(37): pulsecore\store\Base::extract_relative_directory('D:\\webserver\\ww...') #2 D:\webserver\www\pulse53\pulsecore\tags\social_exposure.php(49): pulsecore\store\gallery\Pile-&gt;__construct('D:\\webserver\\ww...') #3 D:\webserver\www\pulse53\pulsecore\tags\social_exposure.php(23): pulsecore\tags\SocialExposure-&gt;generate_html(Array, Array) #4 D:\webserver\www\pulse53\index.php(372): pulsecore\tags\SocialExposure::execute_tag(Array, Array) #5 {main} thrown in **D:\webserver\www\pulse53\pulsecore\dbc.php** on line **12**

5.3.2 is getting ready!
5.3.2 Final Release is today 🤩
5.3.2 is getting ready!

New Installation 5.3.1 on localhost is good.
The “shop” page is an error.
Edit the tag for EURO
Edit the tag, for USD

Edit the page “onepage-creative/home”
Edit = “blocks/onepage-creative/portfolio”
Edit the images link (all)


Hope this works for you. Same problem with me.


Thanks @IvaRo - fixed for 5.3.2 demo content :slight_smile:

Updating will be improved in the next release also and please monitor issues here:

The content folder needs to be updated with “opengraph” in the Media folder to work with the Social Exposure plugin


I think for the updating, this is a combination of missing ZipArchive PHP extension on the server and the SocialExposure tag fix (which has been fixed for 5.3.2) so should work and is doing so in testing :slight_smile:

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