Add publishing time in a Pulse blog

Sometimes I publish more than one blog post a day, therefore it would be very useful if I could add the time of day to the publishing date. Is there a way to do this?

  1. Inserting and editing a date in a blog is governed by the script “pikaday.js”.
    It is worthwhile to use the adjustment according to the pattern:
    Preview: PikadayTime.

A link to a similar “pikaday” here

2 . Date and time format.
Pulse uses the “moment.js” script, supplied from “”.
See correct format the date and time on that site.
Is it possible to use the “moment-with-locales.js” script for Pulse ???


Interesting @magoo - the time is already added to the filename so posts are ranked in order exactly - but it’s not displayed.

We can look at displaying the time in the date string

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. It’s not for ranking the posts but for displaying the timestamp in the header of the blogpost.

Something like this:

Posted by: Author Friday 16-02-2018 09:17

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Your wish is our command @magoo - give us a little time and we’ll try and get this in the next update if possible :slight_smile:

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There are several Vue-datepicker on GitHub.
Pulse uses Vue.js here

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Added in 5.1:
Blog now shows time of creation (The settings is handled via the date_format setting)