Pulse 5.1 BETA1 is here!

Pulse 5.1 BETA1 is here and it’s awesome!
There’s a lot of new features, improvements and fixes.

Main highlights so far include:
- Redactor 3
- New streamlined inline editing
- Quick edit toolbar mode
- Multi-navigation toolbar drag and drop in Admin settings

Thanks :heart_eyes: to everyone for all their feedback to make this work and get this far :slight_smile:
Including all the emails and feedback here by @instacks, @Oliver, @IvaRo, @Raimo, @jetwes, @squareclouds-design and all the rest!

There’s a few more surprises coming in the final 5.1 version that have been requested and will make you very happy - but save those for later :star_struck:

How to get it?
Go to your dashboard and download it and start using it!

Can this be used?
Yes it’s stable and fixes lots of issues so go ahead and use it on a site or wait for the final 5.1 version. But this is recommended over 5.0.3 for anyone having any issues from 5.0.3.

As always, feedback any comments here on the forums and list bugs in GitHub
We’ll get all remaining issues ironed out for 5.1 final release which is scheduled for release sometime in May.

There will be no doubt more BETAs by then.


  • For Blocs app users, start using Blocs 2.5.1 beta 3 with this update :grinning:
  • RapidWeaver users please await a Stacks update. A BETA Pulse Stacks 5.1 will be sent out before the final release to take advantage of the new inline editing and Blog layout options. Please await that :pray:

Below is the full list of changes :slight_smile:

Happy Pulsing! :zap:

Pulse 5.1b1


  • NEW! Redactor 3 added! Better design and much easier to use.
  • NEW! Streamlined Inline Editing! No longer a popup. Just click anywhere on the live page as a logged in Editor or Admin and edit the content - like magic! Click and edit!
  • NEW! Quick edit mode on front end. Air toolbar pop up shows essential edit attributes such as text styles and images. For more detailed editing and Meta data etc, login to the backend admin panel to refine those changes
  • NEW! RapidWeaver integration: this streamlined click-to-edit is also working in RapidWeaver built Pulse sites
  • New! Update a Pulse install! Admins can upload the latest Pulse zip file to auto update their Pulse core files install without having to go into the server files
  • NEW! Allow users to add snippets, embed code, tweets etc. as a widget from the WYSIWYG
  • NEW! Full formatting is available inside the tables for WYSIWYG. Many people asked about this.
  • NEW Tag!! We are able to add new pages to the navigation - good.
    But, what if you have a page not in the navigation and want to link to it? {{link:page/animal/hippo}} or {{link:blog/1}} will create links to pages in a Pulse site.
  • NEW! Added a Blog “back” button
  • NEW! Template now includes the language setting. See the Manual around page 38 on how to adapt the of the template to auto-insert the page language setting.
  • NEW! Blog now shows time of creation (The settings is handled via the date_format setting)
    Add publishing time in a Pulse blog
  • NEW! Multi-navigations are now possible for different page layouts. “All" is the default navigation category option and more can be made depending on your site layout needs
    Use different navigation menus for each layout
  • NEW! Debug testing included. This allows smoother updates and test cases for confirmed bugs to trap regressions
  • NEW Language - Romanian added!


  • Improved the Template importer so that it’s ready to import Pulse Builder made templates.
  • Backend edit mode now scrolls with a floating edit toolbar - great for Blocks and Pages with long content. Saves you scrolling back to top to get edit options.
  • RapidWeaver integration: Poster Stack layout settings for blog
  • Added additional CSS classes to the blog, also standard RapidWeaver classes, for more blog layouts and more advanced RapidWeaver blog integration
  • Blocs app integration: Pulse 5.1 now works with Blocs app for Mac! Make Pulse templates without any code
  • Redactor Edit Toolbar now appears as separate squares and not scrolling - looks better on Windows with Internet Explorer
  • Navigations also get CSS class for easier styling
  • In edit mode, on page load the cursor appears in the edit box at the beginning to help with usability
  • Drag and drop improvements for navigation menu settings
  • Allow for navigation tag to use sub menus
  • Blog page button now works for tagged blog display
  • Blog “back button” is now aware of blog tags
  • Blog “back button” is now a relative link rather than JS to avoid “confirm reissue of form” warnings in the browser
  • Frontend parsedown switched off so it’s now possible to edit Markdown easily with inline editing
  • Added more blog posts to the demo site
  • Admin.css cleaned up and added some more semantic elements
  • Admin Dashboard now powered by Flexbox and not Masonry for greater flexibility across screen dimensions!
  • Upgrade vue.js to latest build
  • Autofocus taken off search input for better usability on mobile


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