Blocs app +pulse

I would try pulse CMS in Blocs App
you can buy a license and use it on a subdomain to go to practice a little?and then to use this license on 1 client after?

Hi Mario, of course you can install PulseCMS on a subdomain first and later use the license for your client. The license is only required for a production/live site. It is possible to setup a learning, developing and testing environment without a license.
To me there’s a clear line between practise and production. :wink:
Make clear to the client (and yourself) who owns the license: sell the license to the client, or host the site for the client.

Thanks @sprksld - yes @mariojazz you certainly can buy a license - use it in your sub domain to test the site and show the client how it looks and works. Once they are happy, put the site live and apply the license to that live domain (production).

Next client, same steps!

Hope that makes sense.

PS - Definitely checkout the blocs app integration ( it’s going to be epic!! :sunglasses:

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Blocs integration is now live!

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