Blocsapp und Pulse Button Problem


there is a problem with button. How can I fix this ? Any ideas ?

This is my button inside Blocsapp:


this is my button after upload:


any ideas?


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Thanks Tom

This has already been reported by Norm at Blocs. It’s the CSS of the Pulsecore overwriting the Blocs styles.

In 5.3.1 most likely we’ll issue a fix for this by making the CSS class different for buttons.

In the meantime, you can edit your CSS by adding overrides or !important to your Blocs buttons CSS styles

Thanks for your help.
Can you please tell me how I do this ? :thinking:

Can you share a link to your site? That will be a good start…

Hi @pulsecms
thanks for your help. I talk to my clients and its not a problem with the buttons. So I wait for an update. Because I am really bad in coding stuff :slight_smile:
thanks tom

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Thanks - don’t worry this one should be with you soon (in 5.3.1)

Will update on the forums once ready :slight_smile:

This has been done and should work…

We will now:

  • load pulsecore.css before the template css, so the template overrides the defaults
  • tweak btn css selectors to be more specific (add pulsecore tag to css classes to tags as needed)

This can help all theme creators, as well as the Blocs app integration.

Having the template styles after the pulse ones makes it easier for the template to override things.

This will be out in 5.3.1 very soon :slight_smile:

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