Blog Featured Image media selector

In the 'meta' section of new blog posts, clicking anywhere in the text field for the 'blog featured image' section brings up a window with the contents of the media folder... As people have reported, a lot of 'broken image' icons appear, interspersed with working images...

I think these broken images aren't images at all, but other documents etc, such as PDF or DOC files..

Is it possible for a bit of code to filter non image formats from the pop-up window just to make it a lot tidier? Obviously there are areas where non image files ARE needed to be chosen, but this option is specifically for web browsable images, so should only be showing available images, not all files...?


Hello, thank you for letting us know about the issue you've encountered and describing it in detail. These reports really help us improve with every update.

Rest assured that we will look into these broken images and come up with a solution, possibly like what you're suggesting, as soon as possible once we identify the root cause.



Thanks for posting this @junction10

Do you think it's the same as this?

But we can't replicate it and it seems fixed.. but as @palej says any info and we'll definitely adjust for it


Or this is the work around?

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This has been fixed in 5.3.8

Blog Post Featured Image now has the correct URL