Blog "List Tag" Issues

in Pulse 4 there was a nice" blog feed" list that would just show the titles of each blog post

But in Pulse 5 instead all we get {{blog-list:blog}} which shows = the title/ author/date for a blog… This produces a terrible “sidebar” would be nice to just show titles…

Other blog issues in Pulse 5

  • also “tags list” is broken… (goes to 404 page),

  • and everything is getting listed oldest to newest (which is backwards…)

  • Can’t set dates in the past (which would be useful when importing blogs)

  • and the “page” listing at the bottom is vertical instead of horizontal, which will look terrible when the number of pages eventually increases…

Are you talking about {{recentposts}} @Raimo - that is now integrated in Pulse 5 - in Pulse 4 it was an addon

Please try it :slight_smile:

We have more plans so the blog will get even better come version 5.0.2, 5.0.3 etc… patience!

The other issues you’ve already mentioned so no need to repeat - we’re on it :wink:

Missed the {{recent posts}} tag… wasn’t in the “blog” part of the manual. Now a question/feature request, how do I get the {{recentposts)) tag to show more than just the last 2 posts?

There are currently no parameters for this Pulse tag - it should show the last 5

What were you using for Pulse4 in this link?

it is only showing 2… let alone it would be nice to show more or control the number of posts - test link here

As for That is using the Pulse 4 “Blog Feed” stack in Rapidweaver, the equivalent of which doesn’t exist in the Pulse 5 stack set… One of several steps backwards in the Rapidweaver integration in Pulse 5…

Thanks @Raimo I can see you’re unhappy here with the RapidWeaver + Pulse5 integration. I think it’s really excellent and it gives us a good base for more expansion. There’s things being worked on at the minute with it that you’ll be really happy with so please look forward to those and help us with this work in progress :slight_smile:

Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: