Pulse 5.0.2 is here! Updates, new stuff and fixes ⛑

Just keeping everyone up to date. 5.0.2 has been worked on the past few weeks and it’s almost ready for release. These things have already been fixed or added and there’s a few more to go :zap:

We’re hoping to get this out early February and will repost here when it’s ready to be downloaded.

Things already done in 5.0.2:



  • Delete paths - e.g. delete blog no longer takes you to dashboard
  • When creating a new folder and renaming, the redirection takes you back to what was being edited, and not the dashboard
  • After uploading a theme, redirected back to settings for theme selection
  • Empty blocks no longer killing the site (client protection): Empty Block Results in Blank Page - Pulse 5
  • Front end navigation no longer shows extra spaces in the menu item
  • Editors now longer see the Page content
  • Admin create page - no longer accessible to editors
  • Sweetalert popups now have options in the settings for time delay and deactivation
    Saved Popup Box
  • Blog date format now a select (dropdown) on the settings page


  • NEW - allow for adding non Pulse pages to navigation so can link to external pages with drag and drop
  • Fix for navigation config setup by installer - no longer need to edit navigation and save to show menu on first install
    After editing the menu - Fatal error
  • Make sure to use the un-tick the “active” checkbox to hide pages in the navigation. Delete will remove this completely, but any page that exists will be added back next time the manage navigation page is saved.Delete should be used for pages which have been removed.
  • Sub-menu re-ordering bug fixed
    Navigation not showing on fresh install, need to save once in "manage navigation"



  • Folder new page/block language setting added #3
  • More unicode allowed

Policy Tag



  • The fix handles the case where the theme files are in the root of the zip file. Previously, the theme files had to be in a folder (with the same name as the theme) in the zip archive.
    Templating Questions


  • PDFs can be added using the WYSIWYG editor. But if they don’t appear PDF embedding can be done using the object tag eg:


  • Some code optimisations

More updates soon

And anyone want to add anymore langs?
We’re updating the ones currently shipped

Link lang file: https://github.com/yuzoolcode/pulsecms-languages/tree/master/pulse%205/shipping-with


Anyone with any Dutch language skills? We need some Dutch updates :wink:

Full list of updates are here: