Blog-show: 5.3.3 - Displaying a sub-blog

Hi. I’m just updating one of my sites to 5.3.3(latest) from 5.2. All going well (with a couple of teething issues which I’ve been able to figure out) but I’ve come across a thing that I cannot get to work.. Displaying a sub-blog.

If I use:
{{blog-show:faq:blog}} {{featured-image}} {{blog-content-loop}} {{blog-item-author}} {{blog-item-date}} {{blog-item-featured-image}} {{blog-item-title}} {{blog-item-content}} {{/blog-content-loop}} {{/blog}} try and display a sub blog (so held in a folder ‘faq’ under blogs), it does a couple fo weird things. It displays what appears to be the actual tags within the page, and then displays the parent blog in it’s entirety where I would expect the sub blog to be displayed.

(In the following screenshot, you can see the tags and the start of the main blog - which isn’t the sub blog at all...)

The manual shows the tags above as the new way of accessing a sub-blog, and shows the ‘old way’ as well, which looks like this:

{{blog-show:faq:blog:[[featured-image]] [[blog-contentloop(<<blog-item-author>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-featuredimage>> <<blog-item-title>> <<blog-item-content>>)]]}}

...and renders like this on the front-end:

..So it looks like the tags are being stripped or something to me.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on? I’m including the sub-blog as a block, but even on a stand-alone page I’m running into this problem.. @pulsecms ???

When I mention that this is an upgrade from a site running 5.2, the following tag works fine on the old version to show the sub-blog in exactly the same way:


…Which results in:

..Which is correct.. ‘What happens next’ is a the sub-blog… So, I know it works on 5.2!

same here, after update subblogs not working for me either

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Glad it isn’t just me.. (Well, sort of - I’d prefer it all to work)

Thanks for confirming. It’s all gone very quiet round here.

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It should all be working since 5.3.4 but if you still get errors please let us know :slight_smile: