New Release: 5.3.4


We've a brand new release today with a couple of nice things as suggested by the community :slight_smile: :palm_tree:

Highlights include SSL sites as default and a new image selector from within posts to cycle through folders of images from the Media section - just like this little demo:

Here's the complete list run-down of updates:

Pulse 5.3.4


  • Sites now force SSL as default. To switch this off uncomment in htaccess file
  • Allow folders in Image Selector to be selectable from Media popup in the post editor
  • Added "read more" link to {{recentposts_visual}} and this is now limited to 50 words



  • Tags parsing fix for Shop, Google Maps and Blog categories
    Not working tags
  • Blog dates fixed for some locales including Hungarian eg 27. jΓΊn 2019
  • Admin dashboard has a date format fix

We're already working on 5.3.5 and have a couple of nice things coming in that update also :wink:

So watch this space!

Thanks for all the feedback and keep on Pulsing! :zap::raised_hands:

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New Release: 5.3.5
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Pulse 5.3.3 is here! πŸš€
Not working tags
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