Blog Tag search not showing all results

My client has just pointed this out to me. Look at her site here:

now on tags, see that Gluten Free has 25 tags.
If you click it it brings up a page with 5 results on.
Click next and you get another 5 results on page 2.
Click on next and although status bar show its on page 3 we still have the same recipies shown as were on page 2.

We are on Pulse 5.2

  • Could be related to an issue here:

  • But strange bug and can see it on your demo site. This needs to be verified and then we’ll post back here. Most likely in the next round of updates (after 5.3 which is ready to be released soon) :slight_smile:

Edit: Above link was wrong, here’s the issue and it has been fixed for 5.3.1:

  • we ran some tests on this @jdloudon
  • I tried to replicate the blog-tag pagination bug, but I’ve not managed.
  • I think the problem could be that the blog url prefix is off in settings?
  • So more info like sending (private message ok) the configs/.htaccess/ logs would help :slight_smile:


Hi, logs sent in email to you just now.

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Thanks for sending those in James

I think this is caused by the blog url being: “blog_url”: “”, and the “url_prefix”: “blog”

I think the thing to try is setting the url_prefix to “Recipes” in the config.php and admin settings.

Plugged in a fix for the tracker bug in the logs:

  • tracker - user agent processing handle missing headers more gracefully

This will be out in the next Pulse update

Actually that made it worse. When I did that the same content showed on every page. So I have changed it back.
Is there any way I could reset it do it rebuilds the links, or something like that? This site is becoming popular and I have to have it all working correctly.

Further experimentation has followed. I have a test site that I use and I have upgraded this to version 5.3
Then made a new page called news and copied the page content code from blog to this.
Then applied it in navigation and on settings page have made sure that blog url and blog url prefix both have news set.
Now we have the same pagination problem as the live site.
I have created several posts with a tag apple in them.
When I click the tag I get a page of results.
When I click next page - the same results show. ie not the next page of results as it should be.

So the problem is not related to just the one site. But I think it is related to the change of title maybe as I have another live site running 5.2 where the blog page name is just unchanged and pagination works on that one.

Will check again with your recent workflow example, thanks

Thanks James - done some more testing on this and made a little adjustment.

Added a change to blog pagination for different blog url prefixes - that should fix your cake spirit site bug (hopefully)

This will be out in 5.3.1, which will be soon :slight_smile:

It seems to have got worse. Now is only showing one page of results.
Is there anything I can do to reindex it or something?

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This is odd and can’t replicate this in testing… please try 5.3.1 (which should be out this week with any luck) and that includes a change to blog pagination for different blog url prefixes - that should fix your cake spirit site bug (hopefully)

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