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Hi all,

I hope this is a stupid question with a quick answer but…

Where can i add/change a picture teaser image as shown in the examples on installed blog posts?
I also created a New blog entry including a Image above the text. The images gets displayed on the blog page but not when using {{recentposts_visual:“3”}} on the homepage. Example below:

The original example posts show a picture (2 on the right side). I don't know where to modify these and it doesn't display the picture when uploading a image as a header in a freshly created blog posts. (left one)


Also. The homepage has been included in a folder in the navigation to create a nice dropdown menu. For some reason the broken picture link displayed this folder name in the source url, braking the picture link..

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Plugged in a settings option for showing/hiding the Blog teaser image

This has been improved / added as an option in 5.3.8