Blog url renaming not working

Hi team

I have an issue with blog url renaming. If I rename a blog url it stops working. If I leave the url as it is, when opening the blog post it opens normally. If I rename the blog url it just opens the blog.

So here are two examples.

  1. Blog url -

  2. Url left as is - not renamed - it opens the blog post fine -

  3. Url has been renamed - page that opens is just the usual blog page with a changed url -

I am assuming it's something to do with the .htaccess file.

I have one live site running in the root directory with it's own .htaccess file. This is in pulse version 3. I am trying to update to pulse 5.3.10 and it is sitting in /rs sub directory. This sub directory has it's own .htaccess file. Would this be causing the issue? I tried deleting the other file from the root directory and the issue was still there.

Can you please help?

ps. is the blog url meant to contain /blog number at the end of the url? seems unnecessary to me..

This is one of the reasons I didn't renew. The entire year that I was on, not once did I have a version that worked as advertised. Always some bug. It would get fixed and then something else.. The fix always came with another version that had a new bug to find.

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My opinion coming from version 3. Way more expensive. Not too many extra features. Way too many back end files for a simple cms. I mean I wouldn't mind any of those if when installed everything worked fine.

Have you found a good alternative?

To the cms or blog url issue?

To the CMS. I would love Pulse to be The One, and for a long time I thought it was. I would leave at this point if I could find a credible alternative. Everything else seems either TOO simple, or too unweildy.

I'd hang on to Pulse :slight_smile: There will be some changes in the coming weeks that we will announce and we hope to improve things considerably.

I hope it's not new features, would be better to first fix current issues then go forward :slight_smile:

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Thank you. This is good feedback.

Hi all- I'm working on this issue. I want to isolate the problem.

My understanding- the issue is that old links break if I rename a blog.

Example: I write a blog title: "Press Release for Book"
I then send this link out all over the Internet.

Later, I change the title to: "Press Release for my favorite Book"

Result: All old links break, because I've changed the title, which also changes the blog URL by default.

Is this the issue you are having? Or is it different? This can be fixed.

I also found a bug with upper/lower case sensitivity.. If the case doesn't match it can also cause an issue.. This can cause issues in various cases. But please let me know. We'll be fixing these items.

I've found the problematic code. I need your opinions:
I'd like to use the following logic:
a. Match on blog ID and blog title.
b. If none found, then match on either blog ID or blog title.

The reason I'd like both (a) and (b) is that it protects SEO. Someone may change the title. It will find it based on ID. Or, change the ID but it will find it based on title.

The downside is, potentially someone could create a sub-blog with the exact same ID. (I am new to the code, I dont know if thats possible.) However, Id say thats rare and IDs are by default timestamps.

Still, one could imagine undesirable results here if there is a duplicate ID. Personally, I'd prefer it but Id like feedback.

In the future, I'll ensure all blog IDs are unique across all blogs to prevent this. But older blogs could have collisions. (Again only relevant if none are found matching both.)

Hi Simonis

This is the issue I was talking about. In the example below, the url automatically generated is 'blog---title-1'. If the url is left as is, it would open the blog item. To make the url nicer I remove the two extra - which looks like 'blog-title-1'. When you do this, and click on the url, the blog item doesn't open. It just keeps opening the blog page.

On my test site, you can see that blog title 1 has a changed blog url and if you click on it, it doesn't work. If you click on blog title 2, you will see that it opens a blog post. Blog title 1 has an amended url, blog title 2 doesn't.


Also looking at the whole url ''. Does the /29 need to be included in the url? I would just go blog/blog url.

With your proposal, what do you propose the url to look like?

Assuming I coded it properly, then yes my fix would work. Because it would look up the ID of the blog.

However, the immediate fix is:
Under the blog-> Meta-> Blog URL.

Change the Blog URL to what you want the URL to be. (Example: Change it to "blog-title".) For the current version of Pulse you're using, you still also need the blog ID for this version. (After my update, it will work tho.)

But you found another minor issue. When someone has the title "blog - title 1" then the autosuggested blog path is:
blog---title-1 :upside_down_face:
Must eliminate the --- and reduce it to only "-": blog-title-1
Because its a simple fix and many probably use the format "blog - some title" then I added a change request. I have made the code fix and it too will be fixed.

Sounds good, thank you. When can we expect a release with all these fixes?


I'm not sure yet. But I'll know soon. Definitely less than 3 weeks. I hope much less.

Are you willing to beta test it? If so, I can send them to you this week. The fixes are simple. Just a few files to upload.

I see your blog is now working after the fix I sent :slight_smile:
If that’s not correct let me know.

Yes it is. I also tried renaming an old blog post which was imported into pulse from previous version. Works good! Thank you.

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Fixed in 5.3.12: Pulse CMS v5.3.12 now available!