Builder instructions and multilingual support

Hi, firstly great work on the builder - it is absolutely amazing!!! I’ve used lots of these type of tools and this is by far the best.

Do you have any tutorials, videos or docs on using the builder?

I would like to better understand how to integrate it with PulseCMS - how do I make text and images editable in the CMS?

Also how would I build a multilingual website using the builder?

Many thanks for any guidance and keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the love @froamer and glad you like it :slight_smile:

There’s not many docs as yet as it’s still in BETA but we hope to get more info and video tutorials out soon.

Pulse Builder is tool to create Pulse templates without coding; and to be used alongside Pulse CMS for actually editing the content online.

To make a template in the Builder:

  1. add in Builder Container Blocks
  2. then add Pulse CMS Blocks (such as text and image)
  3. save as a template + export the design
  4. upload the exported zip to your Pulse install.

This will give you a Pulse Builder designed Pulse site (template).

From there, you can add in your client’s text / images etc for them to edit later using the Pulse Admin. And add in more contents.

The Builder should give you a nice foundation to work from.

For the Multilingual part, there is a Multilingual component in Builder, but you could just use the Builder to build your Pulse template layout.php file in English, and then use the Localizer tag to tell Pulse which parts are to be translated to other languages.

More on the Builder here:

More on the Language Localizer Tag here:

Hope that helps and interested to see what you build and convert to Pulse.
More updates on the Builder on the way and hopefully tutorials too.

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