Building forms that take payments


Does anyone know if there is a way to hook up PayPal or Square payments to a JustForms form? We have been using a third party form builder with our clients for years to make tour reservations with lots of reservations details and then swinging them over to make a deposit for their tour with PayPal. If we can use JustForms, our clients will be able to make updates to the fields of the forms without contacting us. It would be super useful for our business!


That would be great and I would love to see it. As there already is a paypal plugin for Pulse, it should be possible. Its outside of my paygrade to do it but I expect that the Pulse developers could if they wanted to.
At the moment they seem to be busy firefighting latest release. I hope thats what they are doing anyway. Its awful quiet in here lately, especially after the last round of blog issues waere raised.


I think just our forms is also a third party no? They sell the script for it for life $30 on codecanyon

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