Call for beta testers for Pulse Slim and easier syntax

Please message me directly or ping us on online chat if you'd like to test these beta features. (Existing customers only.)

We now have a PulseCMS ZIP with the following features:

  • PulseCMS Slim version. :gift: Now at 2,400 files, down from over 4000. No loss of features. It simply puts big libraries like FontAwesome on a CDN. (You can always download it later.)

    • More details: We still have a far way to go- I'm aiming for under 1000 files, ideally under 250 to make it similar to PulseCMS 4. But eliminating over 1,500 files is a good start for our first Pulse Slim!
    • Remember, we will always support the full PulseCMS with all dependencies. In fact, its the same code- we autodetect files like FontAwesome and load from a CDN if they aren't there.
  • Mega simple templates. :gift:No PHP needed anymore. For making templates, we added tags for specifying the site home folder and template home folder: {{template_folder}} goes to the current template's folder. {{path}} goes to the Pulse website home path. (Previously you had to echo $path).

    • More Details: Example: To specify an image in /templates/my-template/images/image.png , you would now use: <img src="{{template_folder}}/images/image.png"> . (No PHP code required.)
  • Minor fixes

    • Update text editor settings in Redactor as requested.
    • Fix error when adding internal hyperlinks in Navigation
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For those who have downloaded it and want to use the new templating, here are the (beta) updated instructions with the new options like {{path}}, {{main_content}}, {{template_folder}} and others:

Note that the document isn't entirely updated, there are still some links to Pulse5.3 tutorials

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