Calling all linguists! Help with translation for 4.6 + 4.6.1 please

There's been some additions to the language files @everyone

In particular threads:

$lang_version = "Pulse CMS 4.6.1";

$lang_pages_meta = "Meta";

$lang_create_embed_tag = "Embed Tag";

$lang_blog_title = 'Blog Title';
$lang_blog_date = 'Date';
$lang_blog_import_url = 'URL';
$lang_blog_import = 'Import';
$lang_blog_import_tool_tip = 'Import blog entries from RSS. The importer will import from RSS and ATOM formats.';

$lang_stats_bounce_rate ="Bounce Rate";

Be grateful for any language contributions, however small.

Please sync back to the GitHub repos - or copy paste above and DM me with your locale versions over the English :slight_smile:


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Need you guys again for:

I have already made a correct german translation (since v4.6), but there is still the wrong lang file inside. :wink:

Thanks @Oliver - can you commit it to:

That's the best way to get it in...

Okay, did it. Hopefully correct, never used Github before. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Oliver - but doesn’t look anything changed last two days…

You might need to do a pull request…

Failing that - paste it to me in a DM and can update it :slight_smile:

The translation for German is almost correct, but in line 15, the correct translation is “Passwort”

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I know, you are right but I did not wanted to make a new pull request for just this word. I am waiting for v4.7. Maybe there are new strings inside. :wink:

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Great - thanks guys - German updated.

And yes there’s a new string in there for 4.7 and it’s already translated for German :wink:

So other language speakers, let’s get cracking! :globe_with_meridians::pray:

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